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Who we are

Maistro is more than just a Marketplace.   We are reinventing corporate buying in the digital age.

You define your business need. Our AI-driven Marketplace finds the right suppliers wherever you need them. And don’t worry – you won’t be abandoned once you’re matched with a supplier.  Unlike other Marketplaces, we manage the delivery process right up to receipt of your completed deliverables and final payment.

Access to supplier innovation without compromising on quality.

Speed, agility, autonomy and mitigated risk – at your fingertips.

Unique Marketplace

Our trusted, transparent marketplace reaches beyond your current supply base without putting added risk or burden on your shoulders.

Artificial Intelligence

We harness AI throughout our shortlisting to identify, select and connect you quickly and efficiently with the best-suited service providers worldwide.

Managed Delivery Process

Our cloud-based software and dedicated professional services team support your sourcing and delivery with transparency and precision.

Supplier Vetting

Suppliers in our Marketplace go through a thorough approvals process and are rigorously vetted, giving buyers complete peace of mind.

The result?

Streamlined access to innovation within a dynamic supply chain in record time.


Tap into innovation exactly where and when you need it.


Slash typical timescales required to source and vet suppliers.


Never sacrifice on compliance or quality standards.

Optimised spend

Delivery without compromise, despite shrinking budgets.

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