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Accelerated Procurement

Build an agile procurement solution for your services spend with Maistro.

You choose the approach that works best for your business.

Supply Chain Innovation

Use the B2B Marketplace to access innovation, secure better pricing and eliminate unproductive suppliers in your supply chain.

Express Sourcing

Accelerate the supplier sourcing process using our express service. Get an early start on business-critical projects.


Grow your business, not your headcount with Maistro’s AI-powered sourcing and managed services solutions.

Spend Management

Implement Maistro’s cloud platform as the spend management tool you use to optimise services spend.

Need Supplier Vetting? We can help there, too.

Suppliers in our B2B Marketplace go through a thorough vetting and approvals process, giving buyers complete peace of mind. Your existing suppliers can be vetted as part of your onboarding process to ensure you are getting the very best from your supply chain.

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Maistro is pleased to announce two new senior hires in Q2, echoing strong growth over the past six months. Ian Cleverly joins Maistro as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and a director of the company. He brings with him extensive CFO experience, both in multinational corporations and in start-up businesses, including…

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Raconteur’s 2018 “Future of Outsourcing” | Maistro featured in Special Report

Raconteur’s “Future of Outsourcing” report was released today in The Times. Mark O’Shea, Chief Technology Officer at Maistro, is featured as one of the industry experts contributing to the discussion of shifting trends in outsourcing and best practice for AI-driven solutions. Procurement professionals can take away two key insights from…

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GDPR - A Long Time Coming

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the biggest change in the way personal data is processed since the Data Protection Act of 1998 that was written 20 years ago. In stark contrast to all the negativity that is currently surrounding GDPR, it should instead be seen as a positive thing…

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