Transform the way you buy services

Maistro is revolutionising the way procurement teams buy services, using a frictionless automated workflow platform that delivers dramatic time and cost savings across all service categories.

How we work:

the Tail

Until recently, many organisations thought it unproductive to try to extract savings from the 80% of purchases that are too small to go through procurement, yet collectively represent 20% of their spend.

We’re re-defining that equation.

Finding and connecting with pre-vetted suppliers through Maistro, can deliver some of your most significant cost and risk reductions from some of your smallest purchases.

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Three steps to

What we do



Our in-depth analysis will identify your addressable spend and enable us to prioritise those purchases that represent the most significant opportunity for you to bring more spend under control, reduce sourcing cycle times and improve contract compliance.



We are specialists in translating buyer requirements into supplier deliverables, produced in a Statement of Requirements (SoR) enabling us to identify the optimal suppliers in our B2B marketplace to receive your tender and submit a quality response.



We analyse, score and rank supplier responses and generate a shortlist for you, with supporting analysis and insights. This ensures you can make the right decision in the shortest amount of time and quickly move to contract through our Statement of Works process.