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Our credentials

We are the first and only marketplace for business services that provides both a dynamic Marketplace as well as end-to-end managed services within the delivery process.

Having been in the business of procuring and delivering complex business services for over a decade, we understand the nuances, politics and business challenges that are embedded within the procurement of business services spend, particularly in the areas of marketing, technology and HR.

We combine the best of AI-driven technology and people to accelerate and optimise this bespoke kind of corporate buying. Our key agenda is help you eliminate wasteful and outdated purchasing practices in services procurement to help you do more while spending less.

Maistro is a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market (MAIS) and is headquartered in the UK.

Why customers like us

In today’s highly digital, hyper-competitive and cost-conscious world, corporate buying needs to be faster and more efficient, without any sacrifice in compliance, control, and accountability.

Our customers expect nothing less.

They come to our enterprise-class marketplace for fast, easy and cost-effective solutions to:

  • Address complex services procurement
  • Eliminate maverick spending
  • Reduce risk
  • Ensure company-wide compliance
  • Access innovation and exceptional supply chain talent

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