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5 Successful B2B Affiliate Marketing Programs

David Gadsden | October 12, 2015 |

At Maistro, we take pride in our well managed B2B affiliate program, but we’re not the only ones.

Checkout these 5 other B2B affiliate programs that are also getting it right.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the world’s most widely used social media management platform, outperforming TweetDeck and Buffer in terms of popularity and number of users. Hootsuite allows users to collaboratively execute campaigns across many social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and Facebook all from one dashboard, and is particularly useful for managing multiple brands.

Hootsuite’s affiliate program offers ‘HootAffiliates’ a choice of two core programs. For those who do not anticipate their referred customer to have a lifespan more than 6 months, Commission Junction’s one-time 100% commission works best. For those who expect to be referring long term customers, ShareASale’s 15% recurring commission on each referral works better.

Hootsuite’s webpage for attracting new affiliates is well designed and lays out their program colorfully and clearly. We love how they use graphics as a simple step by step guide, making their affiliate proposition easy to understand.

2. Treehouse

Treehouse is an online interactive education platform for coders, web designers, technology developers and entrepreneurs. Their online courses use video, challenges, and a number of other tools to help communicate complex ideas to students in a fun and engaging way.

Their affiliate program runs through ShareASale, and Treehouse are firm believers that the success of their company is very much entwined with the success of their ShareASale affiliates. Treehouse offer 50% of the customer’s first month’s transaction fee. In addition, for annual Gold membership referrals 30% goes to affiliates, and 20% for silver membership referrals. They also pay $3 for every free trial that affiliate visitors activate.

We recommend Treehouse as an affiliate program because their product is first class and widely used all over the world, making it easy to promote.

3. Paychex

Paychex are an online outsourcing solution for payroll, human resources and other organisational functions serving small-to-medium-sized businesses. They are a recognised leader in their field, serving over a half a million businesses globally.

Paychex run their program very successfully through Commission Junction. The eight reasons given why affiliates should join Paychex’ affiliate program are very compelling, such as having a high lead conversion rate and generous commissions .

The main reason why we like this program is that it is very professionally managed. There is a friendly and dependable feel of the program mainly due to the professionalism of Commission Junction and AMWSO, the affiliate management team who run the affiliate program on behalf of Paychex.

4. is an online stationer which allows customers and businesses to create and customise premium business cards and other creative collateral, with a unique proprietary printing technology.

As with all aspects of, graphics and aesthetics are everything and their affiliate page is no different. The easy-to-find affiliate page is listed at the footer directing users to a cleanly designed page consistent with the brand color scheme and simplicity unifying all their pages.

MOO run their affiliate program through two third-party affiliate networks, ShareASale and AffiliateWindow, with a very straightforward commission structure: MOO pay their affiliates $8 for each new customer order, $2.50 for each returning customer order and $300 for each referred customer who successfully sets up a MOO for business account. Moo are active in USA and Europe so affiliates from all over the world can join and earn commission.

5. Crunch

Crunch sell online accounting software that takes care of raising invoices, recording expenses and other accounting functions for UK businesses. Their product is for UK businesses so their affiliate program is ideal if you have UK based site visitors.

Crunch run their own internal affiliate program (not through any third party networks) which rewards affiliates for sales, sales leads and also for sharing content. The program is very well managed and reliable.

Crunch offer one of the most generous commissions on the market, with up to £120 per client referral. For a period of two years, Crunch pay 10% of each user’s monthly fee, on a quarterly basis. This quarterly cycle scheme is very appealing for affiliates looking to receive regular payments on a long term basis.

Crunch’s affiliate target focus is very defined, and their program caters to a wide variety of businesses. Despite only being a UK product, the target market is huge considering accounting’s widespread applicability as a business necessity.


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