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Access to Supplier-led Innovation for De'Longhi

``The Marketplace has opened up a completely new world of possibilities in terms of accessing fresh ideas and innovation within my supply chain. For me, it is indispensable.``

Group Trade Marketing & Communication Director, De’Longhi Group


With direct commercial operations in 33 countries and products sold across the globe, the company has always had complex marketing requirements and limited resources.


With each set of requirements that De’Longhi runs through the Marketplace, it gets immediate access to a huge range of innovative service providers in countries all over the world, with expertise in every type of marketing and advertising service.

“Maistro knows how to translate the company’s requirements into supplier deliverables to ensure the right shortlist of high-quality suppliers is secured.”


De’Longhi Group now regularly uses the Marketplace to source the creative, advertising and marketing expertise needed for a range of very different projects.

“With each project we submit, the Marketplace repeatedly gives De’Longhi access to expertise beyond our own reach.

This significantly reduces the internal time and effort that would otherwise be needed to identify a shortlist of service providers and assess supplier capabilities.  As a result, the Marketplace not only helps my team be more efficient, but also produces much better results.”

``The beauty is in its simplicity. It is a very simple, yet highly effective proposition. In our case, the Marketplace saves us a tremendous amount of time.``

Group Trade Marketing & Communication Director, De’Longhi Group

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