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Transforming revenue potential for a UK public sector organisation

``The team at Maistro held my hand throughout the brief development, shortlisting, selection, and project delivery stages - allowing me to get back to the job I was hired to do.``

Communications Director, Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council


After months lost trying to source a specialist Service Provider to design advertising hoardings, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council’s (NULBC) project had halted – for several months.

A project that had previously had the potential to deliver real, quantifiable value for both the Council and central government now looked impossible to achieve.


Just 10 days after the brief was received by the Marketplace, 3 specialist industrial providers had been sourced, vetted and shortlisted for the Council.  The council was able to select a provider, define work parameters and move forward.

NULBC’s revenue-generating initiative was finally back on track.

This new way of sourcing and delivering services with vendors revolutionised the way NULBC could achieve its strategic objectives.


  • Five months following completion of the project, the advertising assets were generating a 300% increase in income compared to previous rental values.
  • As many as 17 advertising hoardings are proposed for the borough, each with a life expectancy of at least 10 years.
  • Annual income for the Council could reach £80,000. During the life of the project the Council’s share of profits may be £800,000 – the equivalent of an 11% increase in Council Tax for every household in the Newcastle-Under-Lyme borough.

10 days to identify and shortlist 3 specialist Service Providers ready to deliver for Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough Council.

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