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The Canadian Cancer Society

“This was our third project delivered through the Marketplace. Given the turnaround and deadline we had for this campaign launch, we knew the most time effective solution was to use the Marketplace again.”

Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Canadian Cancer Society


One of the Canadian Cancer Society’s key priorities is to raise awareness of the link between the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and cancer in both males and females while increasing the uptake of the HPV vaccine through the school-based vaccination programs.

As part of its #HPVvaccine campaign, the Canadian Cancer Society required an educational ‘toolkit’ of resources including:

  • 15+ 20-second videos, shareable through social media
  • 2 Promotional Posters
  • 1 Postcard
  • FAQs to clarify common vaccine enquiries

Based on internal commitments, the Canadian Cancer Society was lean on in-house to fulfil this request.

“We wanted campaign assets that were relevant and usable by various key stakeholder organizations, yet we lacked the in-house capacity to create them ourselves at the time.”


Given the time-sensitive delivery schedule, the team at the Canadian Cancer Society turned to a familiar procurement solution that had worked for them previously: the Marketplace at Maistro.

Within seven days of receiving requirements, Maistro had sourced and shortlisted three potential suppliers including highly-skilled agencies ready to deliver.

The Canadian Cancer Society had complete autonomy over their choice of supplier and were able to review and explore each supplier’s proposal as part of the decision-making process.  Statements of Work and Project Governance were all part of the Maistro package.


Without the distraction of having to source, procure and manage the project delivery, the team at the Canadian Cancer Society dedicated their efforts to fulfilling their mandate for the #HPVvaccine campaign.

They were able to run this vaccine project in parallel to the many other campaigns already running in-house, without sacrificing time or quality of the final product. The time savings was remarkable in comparison to a more traditional RFP process.

The social programme was a huge advocacy success.

  • The Canadian Cancer Society successfully lobbied for the Ontario Provincial Parliament to expand and extend the vaccination programme to include males.
  • Now both males and females can receive the HPV vaccine through the Ontario school-based vaccination programme.
  • Other provinces in Canada have also followed suit and have introduced similar changes to their programmes.

“We were more than happy with Maistro's service and were very impressed by Maistro's management of the entire process, from our initial sourcing needs and throughout the ongoing delivery.”

Senior Coordinator, Cancer Prevention, Canadian Cancer Society

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