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Enterprise Crowdsourcing

Are you spending hours sourcing, vetting and shortlisting service providers for your business critical projects? Leading enterprises around the world are moving to crowdsourcing to accelerate the way they deliver project, from initial sourcing all the way through to project completion.

Crowdsourcing for innovation

How would you rate your current supply chain for the innovation it delivers? Maistro’s B2B Marketplace gives you access to thousands of suppliers who provide hundreds of services, from niche sonic branding and sleep disorder surveys to flagship product launches.

“Maistro’s Marketplace has opened up a completely new world of possibilities in terms of accessing fresh ideas and innovation within my supply chain.”

Crowdsourcing for speed

Using Maistro’s B2B Marketplace, you define your business need and our global B2B Marketplace finds exactly the innovation you’re after in record time.

“Maistro’s Marketplace drastically reduces the time and resources previously needed to source, vet and purchase business services, making our lives a lot easier in the areas we’ve tested the platform.”

Crowdsourcing you can trust

Maistro’s B2B Marketplace is designed to meet the needs of enterprise buyers. We put all service providers through a stringent and thorough vetting process to make sure you only come into contact with reliable, trustworthy and high-quality suppliers.

How to know if you're ready for crowdsourcing


Contrary to conventional thinking, be upfornt about your budget. The sealed bid nature of Maistro’s Marketplace ensures price competition amongst our suppliers. In addition, your anonymity ensures that you are not at risk of being overcharged based on your brand.


As you design your brief think about what total project success looks like to support your corporate objectives include dates and deadlines in your brief. For complex, multi-stage projects be sure to have internal deadlines and milestones for each stage.

Project Objectives

To get the best results, try not to be prescriptive about the deliverables but do clearly articulate the business objectives you need to achieve. Let the Marketplace use your defined objectives to identify and deliver the best innovative solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Maistro is trusted by leading global brands & innovative corporate buyers

Leading multi-nationals rely on us to source, manage and deliver business services that accelerate their growth and innovation.

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