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How it works

Three simple steps to accelerate your procurement

10-15 days from Project Brief to Supplier Selection


Three simple steps to accelerate your procurement

10-15 days from Project Brief to Supplier Selection


Maistro makes the procurement process digital while keeping the service personal. Our dynamic, AI-driven B2B Marketplace drastically reduces your sourcing time. Our CIPS certified professionals work with you and your stakeholders to refine requirements and ensure deliverables are completed within defined timeframes.

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Corporate buying made fast and easy

Think of us as an extension of your buying team that you access where and when you need complex procurement for business services. Our focus is to optimise your spend across all business services.

Rapid, AI-driven sourcing

We do the work for you, harnessing artificial intelligence to identify, sift and select the best-suited service providers worldwide for each project.

Cloud-based agility

With no upfront integration in our cloud-based software, you can start submitting requests and receiving pitches from vetted service providers and suppliers in record time.

Advanced SOW automation

You get to focus on your day job while our proprietary software creates your SOWs, tracks projects, manages payments and more through a single-pane-of-glass.

Dynamic supply chain

Our Marketplace effortlessly keeps pace with change and trends so you don’t have to. New suppliers are constantly recruited in response to emerging business needs and shifts in market demand.

Dependable suppliers

We take vetting off your hands. The thousands of suppliers and service providers in our Marketplace are rigorously pre-vetted and continuously evaluated on their performance.

End-to-End support

Our customer support teams are fully invested in every project you submit, providing wrap around services that support sourcing, procurement and delivery of end-to-end processes with transparency and integrity.

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