Will Artificial Intelligence Steal OR Enhance Your Job?

Whether we like it or not, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here to stay.

But is it as much of a threat to our jobs & future prospects as some people think, or will we see a shift in humans being realigned at doing ‘human’ things better?

Recently, more schools in the UK have been putting much more focus on ‘core’ subjects, like science & mathematics, cutting back funding on more artistic pursuits; but is this more narrowed approach setting up future generations to fail in tomorrow’s job market? The opportunities available in creative roles may end up being some of the most desirable and well paid work in the future, as machines are unlikely to ever fully grasp the type of creative intelligence that is uniquely human.

A positive perspective could argue that AI will just make us all better at our jobs, as technology that makes us better, or at least faster, at our jobs has always been improving:

“No accountant ever wishes they didn’t have a calculator.”

What could be achieved in a week in a 1970s office, could potentially be done in hours today, all thanks to advances in technology.

If a job is repetitive, monotonous and unfulfilling, the question needs to be asked, why are we so worried if a machine does it instead? Over the years, many people have been conditioned into believing that tedium is a prerequisite for the majority of jobs, and perhaps AI is here to positively challenge this notion. AI could mean that, like never before, humans could realise their full potential, and could even enjoy shorter working days to coincide with our new found efficiencies and reduced workloads.

To quote Microsoft’s Bill Gates,

“The purpose of humanity is not just to sit behind a counter and sell things.
More free time is not a terrible thing.”

With AI fundamentally being the next step in improved software, lets not forget the many thousands of tech jobs that exist today, that wouldn’t have even existed just a few years ago. In the same manner, AI may actually help to create new jobs. With the rate of change in industry and realignment of jobs certainly looking like a future trend, more people will likely experience a career change than ever before, especially with retirement age being pushed increasingly further back.

The immediate future of the job market is looking unpredictable, so the days of ‘a job for life’ may be over sometime soon, but is that necessarily something to be feared?

Ultimately, it really is down to us to decide how we wish to shape our future with our digital counterparts as Humans & Machines working together is the future.

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