Our Purpose

Maistro is a leading Procurement-as-a-Service provider that uses technology, data, and expertise to help buyers and suppliers save time and money by transforming the way they find each other and work together.

Our mission is to enable buyers and suppliers to find each other faster and work together better.

Our values

About Maistro

We first wrote these five things when the company was a few days old to encapsulate the culture we want to foster as we grow.

It’s best to do one thing really really well.

If there’s one thing we do really really well, it’s sourcing. Everything we do is designed to make our clients more successful.

Our buyers and suppliers ARE the business

Above all we are a service business. There’s no sink or swim culture here. We’ll support each other all the way. One team, working together for greater rewards.

We’re only as good as yesterday’s outcomes

Outcomes. Successful outcomes. That’s what clients are buying from us. And 9 times out of 10 it’s consistency and certainty that mean more than the outcomes themselves.

Well-managed change is good

We often represent a change for our clients. By harnessing the power of leadership, communication and teamwork we make it less daunting.

Good reputations need to be earned

A reputation is a measure of trust. Being totally focussed on delivering for our buyers and suppliers has meant they have come to trust us and with that trust comes our reputation.

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