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Problems submitting a proposal (‘pitch’)

Support Admin | August 17, 2017 | Knowledge Base

If you are experiencing problems submitting your proposal (we call this a ‘pitch’) for a project, please run through the following checklist:

  1. You have uploaded a pdf of your pitch to the first page of the ‘Pitch App’ (the form you complete when submitting your pitch to Maistro). Make sure the pdf is no larger than 25MB
  2. Ensure you have added at least one entry in each of the sections ‘Project Schedule’ and ‘Pricing’. Make sure you have filled in the number of days/months for each task, and selected single or monthly payments and inserted an amount for each Price entered
  3. Add at least one tag to the ‘Tags’ section at the foot of page one
  4. Ensure you have ticked that you agree to the Maistro Terms and Conditions at the foot of step 2
  5. If none of the above is an issue - please clear your cache/cookies and try a different browser – our platform works best with Chrome