We connect buyers with suppliers


We are a Procurement-as-a-Service provider, connecting business buyers with vetted suppliers through our online marketplace, enabling value-for-money services to be sourced efficiently and sustainably. 

We identify your addressable spend


Getting spend analysis right is our first step and we deploy highly advanced, AI-based spend analysis tools to cleanse and classify spend data, enabling us to give you greater visibility of the tail spend and identify opportunities to:

  • Bring your spend under management
  • Improve contract compliance
  • Reduce sourcing cycle times
  • Deliver cashable and non-cashable benefits

We find your optimal suppliers


Our Statement of Requirements (SoR) details the deliverables of the procurement. It is the basis of all offers and the foundation for the contract (Statement of Works). We use the data to identify your optimal suppliers from the thousands of rigorously pre-vetted in our marketplace, and ensures that the invited suppliers can provide exactly what is specified and understand what is expected from them in terms of functional deliverables and performance.

Our Statement of Requirements:

  • foster supplier interest
  • facilitate a competitive environment
  • encourage innovation
  • specify award criteria
  • apply a high standard in the delivery of requirements
  • avoid onerous or unnecessary requirements

We evaluate, score and rank supplier responses


We provide a rating scale to judge your scoring criteria against, and an evaluation model to determine how to weight the criteria against each other. This ensures you can make the right decision in the shortest amount of time and quickly move to contract through our Statement of Works process.

Our platform retains formal records at each stage of the tender process providing a transparent documented audit trail.

We present your shortlist with detailed analysis and insight to enable you to make a fully informed selection. We go beyond shortlisting too by:

  • developing Framework Agreements and Preferred Supplier Lists for you
  • inviting and on-boarding existing suppliers into the marketplace
  • streamlining your spend to fewer service providers helping driver better value for you from those relationships.

The outcomes

We Deliver For our Clients

Our B2B marketplace of pre-vetted suppliers, connected to our sourcing platform and supported by our team of purchasing specialists, enables our clients to increase spend under management and reduce operating expense.

Helping to Improve visibility

It is crucial that organisations have clear visibility of what they are buying and how much they are spending. Yet few do.

Our marketplace, platform and process ensures that you have a good understanding of your spend visibility.

Introduce automation to your sourcing process

Enable your procurement teams to focus on the things that matter.

Spending less time identifying suppliers, writing requirements, assessing bids and drawn out negotiations. 

Leverage our solution to increase your team’s productivity while realising cost savings of up to 15% across your tail spend.

We manage your complex one-off sourcing.

We provide a full end-to-end service to manage one-off sourcing projects with multiple suppliers and complex requirements.

Our purchasing and delivery experts can save you valuable time sourcing and managing suppliers on your behalf. 

Maistro will provide a single itemised invoice at the end of the project regardless of the number of suppliers involved.

Reduce your Risk in your Indirect Supply Chain.

Build confidence in the supply chain that your buyers and suppliers are compliant with corporate procurement policies as well as quality and safety assurance processes, certifications and regulatory compliances and more.

Share your procurement team’s workload.

We are your extended buying team providing additional resource for your procurement team to help increase throughput, whilst giving you confidence in pre-vetted service providers suppliers and full visibility of the tendering process.

We Identify and deliver Savings of 10-15%

Client anonymity and competitive tendering within our marketplace means we can generally achieve better value for money for you, typically achieving 10-15% savings against a project budget.

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