The smart system for buying business services

Precision at every stage

  1. A vast marketplace of suppliers, for greater choice

    Find the right suppliers, uncover new ones

  2. Tailored set up, reduces time, cost and risk

    Pre-approved suppliers for speed

  3. Templated requirements, automated processes

    Easy step-by-step tender management

  4. Data-driven insight and dashboard overview

    100% control and visibility for better decisions

Maistro does the work for you

A rigorous tender process. Anyone can run.

  • Project requirements
  • Project budget
  • Project stakeholders
  • Payment arrangements
  • Approval of statement of requirements

Client provides

  • Creation of statement of requirements
  • Additional tender detail
  • Category and skillset selection
  • Target timings
  • Scoring and weighting
  • Running of tender
  • Invites for incumbents
  • Clarifying questions
  • Collection of responses
  • Evaluation and scoring
  • Tender response shortlist
  • Contract management

Maistro manages

  • Ranked shortlist
  • Shortlist pitch decks
  • Contracts for exchange
  • Support with final selection
  • Project statement of work

Client receives

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It’s different for each client we work with. For some customers, it might be about non-strategic indirect purchases below a threshold of £200k. For others it might be anything below £50k. We know how busy procurement teams are and we’re here to support you with whatever you need, so you can focus on larger purchasing.

Reviewing three years of spend data helps us see where your spending has been effective and where there is room for improvement. We identify areas and behaviours with opportunities for savings in the immediate short-term, mid-term and long-term. Our analysis gives you the insight you need to better manage future spend, and monitor it in real-time on the Maistro platform.

Typically, clients start working with new, vetted and tendered suppliers within 14 working days. But for urgent contracts, using our platform, our team can source, vet and deliver a shortlist of suitable providers in just a few working days. Talk to us about what you need!

We know quality and reliability is critical. Maistro goes the extra mile in vetting suppliers, with credit, financial and professional integrity checks on all those shortlisted. We’re here to give you peace of mind.

For most of our clients, Maistro acts as the primary contractor on behalf of the service provider. That means you contract with us, and we contract with them. It also means you can get working with any supplier in a matter of days. And we can group multiple supplier costs on one single monthly invoice, itemised for your records. Plus, when your stakeholders are happy with the work, we handle the payments.

Yes, the Maistro platform is a powerful spend management tool designed to provide your procurement and finance teams with the real-time data they need. You can see quarterly, monthly or weekly spend patterns across all departments. And you’ll get notifications about contracts due to expire, so you can choose whether to renew or re-tender.