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Free for service providers, our procurement platform makes selling services simpler, faster and better for companies like yours, ultimately saving you an abundance of time and an opportunity to win new business.

Why Join Maistro?

An invite only platform to guarantee high vetting principles and quality to both buyer and supplier.

Quality Supply Chain

Quality Supply Chain

Join a selective pool of service providers on our vetted supply chain.

Open and Fair Process

Open and Fair Process

A level playing field - compete on merit for your capability and performance.

Matching Algorithm

Matching Algorithm

Receive tender opportunities that match your expertise and knowledge.



Our onboarding process is quick and simple, guiding you through every step.

Tender Opportunities

Tender Opportunities

Tender to small and medium-sized businesses including well-known brands.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Get expert assistance from our supplier relationship team.

Sell your services and respond to new business opportunities

If you would like to find out more about being part of the Maistro pool of suppliers. Simply fill out this form and we′ll get back in touch.


“I’ve enjoyed working with Maistro, who invited me to tender for a year-long contract with a global client, which I successful won. Their step-by-step online tendering process was clear and straightforward, with human help on hand whenever I needed assistance. Many thanks Maistro, I look forward to deepening our working partnership.”

Arif Mohamed, Freelance Writer,Editor & Media Consultant

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When it comes to buying services, Maistro is a brand new model. A smart system that makes it easy and fast for our clients to buy better. With more control and visibility.We’re a procurement software service provider harnessing cutting edge technology and data analytics to lead the way in tail spend management.A key component to this vision is having access to great suppliers, this is where you come in. At Maistro we pride ourselves in surfacing new innovative suppliers and championing fresh talent that's relevant to our clients needs.
It’s an invite only platform to guarantee high vetting principles and quality to both buyer and supplier. A member of the Maistro team will review your submission to join and contact you if we think you’re a good fit for the platform. We will take some details over the phone and send out an invite to the platform where you can activate you accounts – that’s it! You will then appear in matching results for tenders. We do ask that you complete our vetted information to ensure we have the details we need from you to pass our vetted checks. This is crucial to ensure you’re getting sent the very best opportunities to match your services.
If you appear in the matching results for our buyers and they invite you to tender, an email notification will be sent to you asking for you to submit a tender for the work. To respond to the tender, log into the platform to see the tender project brief and follow the steps. Once you’re happy with your response you can submit. You will be notified if you have been successful in your submission via email and from the platform dashboard.
Our supplier relationship team are always on hand to help support you with your tendering submissions and any platform questions. You can also download our useful guide whilst logged into the platform.
Our platform is complete free to suppliers, by signing up you are in with the chance to be matched with some amazing tender opportunities from our ever growing customer data base?
We have recently made some significant updates to our platform, along with attracting a number of new and well-known brands looking for services in sectors such as Business and Professional Services, Facilities Management, IT and Marketing to name a few.
We only ask for your data once, this is to set you up on our system. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.All data collected by Maistro is transmitted over secure connections to Azure SQL database located behind access controlled firewalls and is encrypted at rest. Data is then backed up to secure geo-redundant storage within the Azure environment.
All tenders or requests for quote are now invite only. This will limit the number of other vendors being asked to respond. Because we are frontloading the task of getting all supplier information, certification and skillsets, those running the tender will already have a good idea about the set of suppliers they are seeking, rather than casting a wide net to unknown suppliers.