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Maistro is the smart system for buying business services. Releasing untapped savings from the small spend

A precision procurement platform tailored to your company. Maistro does the work for you. Buying is easier, faster and 100% controlled.

Why Maistro

A complete system that flexes to you

For Strategic Control
For the right suppliers
For greater speed and lower risk


At the heart of our system: the Maistro platform

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Unlocking value

“We came looking for niche creative services. Not only did we find a really innovative creative partner, the project came in under budget too.”

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“This is amazing. I have a huge choice of providers – and because Maistro is the contracted supplier, I can get services in days not weeks.”

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14.8%Average saving

£48mBusiness through platform

36,000Suppliers on platform

16 daysAverage time to contract


Applying Total Cost of Ownership to Services

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