Reaching your ESG goals

Client: Global Property Management Firm
Need: Qualifying existing supplier base against ESG benchmarking
Maistro service: Supplier consolidation

The client wished to start implementing procedures whereby certain categories of spend must be put out to tender to groups of incumbent suppliers whose ESG credentials matched the client's high standards. With a very large supply pool, the client wanted our help in ranking and qualifying these suppliers to make it easier for buyers to not only specify the type of supply chain they wanted to engage with for a particular requirement, but also get a better understanding of the supplier results before making their selection.

The intention around our own supply chain is to identify different types of suppliers (ESG, Green, RISQS etc) with the buyer being able to specify the type of supply chain they want to engage with

What we did

Using the Maistro platform to perform a supplier RFI, the client was able to easily consolidate their existing supply chains into categorised rankings on a number of different data points such as certifications, ESG policies, Green methodology and RISQS.

The result

Maistro’s unique supplier management features mean that organisations are able to sort and categorise existing supply chains into valuable sets of data that automatically prompt suppliers to ensure their credentials are up to date.

A buyer can not only search for a particular skillset to deliver a project, but also add search parameters that meet their own ESG and Green criteria – surfacing only those pre-approved suppliers who meet the requirements.

  • Easily qualify large unmanaged supplier pools into categorisation
  • Ring-fence specific supply bases based upon any number of criteria
  • Easily access all supplier certification, company details and previous project spend within one portal