Sourcing a niche service at speed

Client: Global FMCG
Need: Specialist marketing services
Maistro service: Sourcing + Contracting

This major brand owner, with offices across the world, uses Maistro to procure marketing services. We have helped them find a number of specialist partners. Last year, they came to us looking for an expert in sonic branding who could create an audible brand signature for use in advertising. And the project had to be completed in a matter of weeks.

What we did

Working with Maistro, the team quickly had a range of well-matched, pre-approved suppliers to choose from. Our team led the fee negotiation and the final contract saw them save almost 50% on the incumbent agency costs.

The result

For a global firm like this, the Maistro platform allows multiple stakeholders to take part in the sourcing process with visibility at every step – essential for speed. We pride ourselves on sourcing those hard-to-find specialists and we don’t stop at the tender stage. The whole project was contracted through us as an intermediary and we stayed on board to see the work through to completion.

  • Substantial savings on marketing contracts
  • Specialist partners found at speed
  • All contracted through Maistro, minimising risk