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Our Platform

Everything you need for services procurement in a single experience.

Improved Visibility

With your personalised dashboard, you have immediate access to the status of your orders on the Marketplace.

Personalise your dashboard to view company wide purchasing activity, budget management and spend analysis or choose an individual user view to see the status of your orders.

Status Tracking

During your project’s lifespan, you can create tasks and delivery milestones, assign actions, upload files and comment on tasks. All activity can be seen via your Timeline view to help you track project progress.

Approvals & PO Management

Manage your Purchase orders, assign one or more projects to internal purchase orders and limit project spend in line with PO values.

Approvals can be set up for a number of steps throughout your procurement process, be it approval for POs, pitch selection or project completion.

It’s flexible for you to define the criteria for your company’s particular approval requirements. Simply tell us where in your process you need to trigger an approval and who is responsible for approving that step in the order.


Apply key project metrics across total spend and individual projects to generate customised reporting on spend against budget figures, performance within individual business units, regions and territories, to name a few.

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